What is this?

It’s an idea for building a game entirely based off user feedback. The initial game isn’t really anything yet. It loads an empty scene. Anyone can suggest an idea and vote on the current suggestions. I’ll implement the highest voted suggestion. After every new feature, we’ll release the update and start a new cycle of suggestions and voting. You can play this gem fullscreen here https://iepathos.github.io/spectator

You may look at this empty scene and lack of a development plan and scoff that this isn’t even enough for an early access game. I question that whole expectation. The core game loop here is suggesting and voting to decide what’s added next and then getting to enjoy it. The development plan will be figured out by the player majority.

Why am I doing this?

For fun and to try something new.

Will this work?

Don’t know. This is an experiment we’re trying out together. Philosophically, does it count as beating a game if there isn’t any content within the game yet? It sure does! Congratulations on beating v1.0. In all seriousness, we may beat the game within the game, but how can we ever beat the actual game?


I won’t build anything illegal into the game. We’ll figure out together what else is a problem along the way for this kind of choose your own game development cycle. I reserve veto right if a particular feature makes me too uncomfortable I’ll do the runner up instead with apologies.

Where can I suggest and vote?

Each cycle I’ll create a post in this subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/spectatorsport/ Add your suggestions as comments and vote for the one you like the best. I may end up building into the game a system to handle player suggestions and voting, but for now, reddit handles all this nicely for us for free. Thanks reddit!

Can I pay to have a feature added?

Sorry, no. I feel like it may compromise the core concept in a way that I’m not comfortable with at this time. Any donations will encourage general development.


Like the idea and want to encourage faster development or buy me a coffee? Donate here https://www.patreon.com/glenbaker